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Veggie Buddy Biscuts

Veggie Buddy Biscuts
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All natural. Simple, clean, and wholesome ingredients. Great for all dogs, even those with allergies or sensitivities. No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.Veggie Madness flavor that dogs love Wheat and Corn Free - the ULTIMATE FORMULATION for dogs with allergies Made in USA Recycled and recyclable packaging Are you sick and tired of living with a dog that is constantly itching? Jingle jangle go the dog tags all day and all night. Have you ever wondered if your dog is trying to drive you out of the house so he can sleep on the bed without an annoying human to get in the way? This is entirely possible, but it is more likely that the itching could be caused by low quality treats with poor ingredients. Our Veggie Madness treats are the ULTIMATE formulation for dogs with allergies. It is free of wheat, corn, soy, sugar, salt, dairy, and egg. Don't think that just because this is a veggie treat that it is bland. Quite the contrary. Your dogs, whether they have allergies or not, will wag and drool for more of these great treats. Vegan and vegetarian.

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