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Aloe Dog Shampoo- 8oz | 60327

Aloe Dog Shampoo- 8oz | 60327
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This mild concentrated, aloe-based shampoo is non-toxic and formulated to rinse thoroughly, removing mineral deposits from the bath water, minimizing skin allergies and hair loss. Our Really Good Doggie Shampoo will not affect topical insect treatments and may be diluted 15-1. Groomers love it because it is very gentle on the hands and your pet will love it when it relieves their hot spots and skin rashes. Our Really Good Doggie Shampoo is mild enough to use 2 or 3 times a week. Our customers tell us that they use our shampoo on their horsesí mane and tail. Also donít forget works great for kitties too, especially long haired ones. 8oz

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