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Chicken Breast Enhancements Cookbook | 7076

Chicken Breast Enhancements Cookbook | 7076
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Chicken Breast Enhancements Cookbook | 7076
Chicken Breast Enhancements
Lifting Chicken Breasts to New Heights!
-plastic coil, 128-pages

If you’re tired of the sagging and unimpressive stature of your meals, raise mealtime to loftier levels with the humble chicken breast. Uplifting recipes within each chapter offer ways to enhance flavor and boost appeal: • Soaks & Rubs: Tons of recipes to soak and rub your way to breast enhancement. • Implants: Recipe choices galore for wonderfully stuffed breasts. • Size Matters: Your choice – half-size or full-size breasts. • Going under the knife: Lots of options for chopped, shredded and diced breasts. • Show ’em Off: Recipes to help beautify and enhance breasts even further. From small and simple to large and remarkable, breasts have never been so adaptable... so easy... or so impressive!

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