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Canteens - CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL THE COLORS!The Corkcicle Canteen is an incredible, grown-up, space-age twist on the old Archies Thermos bottles that you took in your lunch box!
This is a snazzy design that you will love showing off to all of your friends. And they will be jealous because the Canteen keeps your drinks cold for a ridiculous 25 hours!! That's like... a whole DAY! Longer, even!
The Canteen's stainless steel construction keeps your beverages true because stainless does not cause weird, alien flavors to be transmitted into the liquid and it doesn't have any nasty chemicals to ooze into your special potions, either. It doesn't have any of that troublesome condensation stuff to deal with and you don't have to stick in the freezer to make it work! It just does!!
Take them anywhere... including places where you can't take glass!
And, hey! They make an AWESOME martini shaker. The 25 ounce canteen fits a bottle of wine - take it to the soccer game ladies or the beach - no one will know.

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